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Having graduated with honors from The Citadel in 1987, Kevin D. Wise, is well prepared for the combat theatres of the courtroom. A fearless litigator who has recovered millions for his clients, Mr. Wise has a zeal for protecting the injured. For over two decades, he has assured a better future for those who have been unfairly victimized by the negligence of others, whether through motor vehicle crashes, products liability, wrongful death, worker’s compensation, catastrophic tractor trailer accidents, or railroad collisions.

Mr. Wise earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Maryland School of Law in 1990. He is admitted to practice with the Maryland Court of Appeals, the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He is a member of the Maryland Association for Justice, the American Association of Justice, and the Maryland State Bar Association.

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Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Wise is a founding member of the Citadel Inn of Court and was awarded the James K. Coleman Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law.

Mr. Wise is held in high esteem by his colleagues, as evidenced by his BV Distinguished Rating by Martindale Hubble’s national lawyer-rating service.

When Mr. Wise is not busy fighting for the rights of his injured clients, he is heavily involved with his son’s Boy Scout Troup as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Our Wise Staff

Our staff is the first line of defense for Wise Law. Equipped with several decades of experience, our staff maneuvers a high volume of cases through the complicated web of corporate hurdles. Our staff is empathetic and entirely committed to the cause of our clients. So if you want paralegals with punch and power on your side, prepare to go the Wise Staff.

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Our Services

Personal Injury – serious MVAs, tractor trailer accidents, train accidents/ FELA cases, slip & falls, products liability, animal attacks, medical malpractice.

Because someone else’s negligence can severely compromise your ability to make a living and provide for your family, protecting you is our passion. We use the full power of our knowledge, skills, and talent to help you recover everything you deserve within the law. As lawyers with a long history of representing people who’ve been hurt, we understand the many ways negligence can find you: You can be injured at work, harmed in a traffic accident, or hurt by a faulty product or repair. Maybe you are suffering because someone made a mistake during medical treatment, or as the result of a slip and fall on a wet floor or pavement? Our first course is always to pursue a peaceful and fair settlement. But when there are unreasonable parties on the other side that are insensitive to your loss, we are prepared to pursue aggressive legal action on your behalf, filing suits as necessary, and doing everything in our power to help you recover. And remember, there is no fee unless you get a recovery.


Protecting your legal rights in the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident is fraught with difficulties. That’s because you have a lot to consider: Have you or any of your passengers been injured? Is your vehicle damaged? Will your automobile insurance cover all issues? Does the person who hit you even have insurance? Will the police handle the matter properly?

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With so much on your mind, we’re always there for you to ensure your rights are protected. We think about the things you can’t, such as determining who might have been responsible, investigating theories of liability, and helping you to navigate the complexities of insurance coverage.

While a catastrophe may have just befallen you, you can feel like you’re on solid footing with at least one thing: At Wise Law, LLC, our lawyers and staff are highly experienced in handling just these issues. When you choose to work with us, you are choosing lawyers who have been down these perilous roads before. In a legal sense, we’ve been the jaws of life, ripping through the wreckage to lend a hand and pull our clients to a better place.

There are many advantages to working with Wise Law, LLC:

Personal Injury Protection:  Does your auto insurance include Personal Injury Protection coverage?  While most have this in their policy to provide for medical costs or lost wages in the event of an accident, some do not.  If you do have it a fixed sum (usually $2,500) is provided to you without risk of your premium going up.  If you don’t have it, however, we are adept at finding you the coverage you need.

Property Damage:  If your vehicle is damaged, we can help you ensure that the responsible party pays for repairs.  Even if your car is so severely damaged it’s considered ‘totaled,’ we can advise you about the vehicle’s value, and negotiate with the appropriate insurance company on your behalf.  We’re there to make sure you recover everything you can in the situation to become mobile again as soon as possible.

Defendant’s Insurance:  If someone hits you we will do whatever it takes to track down that errant motorist and contact his or her insurance company.  At Wise Law, LLC, we often provide a speedy solution to your property damage and rental car issues.  We also run interference between you and the insurance company so that your privacy and peace of mind are not compromised.  We keep the insurance company apprised of the progress of your case on an as needed basis.

Your Insurance:  If the party responsible for your injuries is uninsured, or does not have adequate insurance to pay for your injuries, we will engage with your insurance company to secure your uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits.  If the other party’s insurance company does not accept responsibility for the accident, we can process your rental car and property damage issues directly with your insurance company until the case is resolved by lawsuit or settlement.

Your Injuries:  Our work doesn’t end with lawyers or insurance carriers.  If you are hurt in a collision, we’ll work with all of your medical providers, including hospitals, emergency departments, the primary care physician, orthopedist and physical therapist or chiropractor.  Our job is to understand the medical treatment they provided you, and pay them through your PIP coverage.  If it is warranted, we will also bring medical personnel from your case to trial in order to testify.

Serious Auto Accidents

Not to scare you, but getting into your automobile, even for a short trip, is dangerous business. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone in the United States is involved in a car accident every 10 seconds.

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If it happens to you, you need a lawyer who is going to stand his ground.  You need Wise.

Serious auto accidents can cause everything from minor scrapes to permanent injuries to death. The only good news is that if someone’s negligence has resulted in your injury or the death of someone you love, the law may provide you with the right to recover monetary compensation.

First, let’s make one thing clear:  No amount of money can compensate for pain or suffering.  And it certainly can’t make up for the loss of someone we love dearly.

But compensation is nevertheless extremely important.  It can even make up for the loss of income a healthy, living person would have earned to provide for his or her family over the span of an uninterrupted lifetime.

Economic damages: In serious automobile accidents, economic damages are basically money damages intended to compensate an injured party for actual economic losses. Economic damages may include:

  • Medical expenses – both past and future
  • Lost wages and lost future earning capacity
  • Funeral expenses and other economic losses

Non-economic damages: These damages are less easily quantified in terms of money, but can make up a very substantial part of any plaintiff’s overall damage claim. Non-economic damages may include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental or emotional pain or mental anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical Impairment
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium (which is loss of spousal companionship)

Why should I hire a lawyer after a serious automobile accident?

The insurance company of the person responsible for causing the accident will start an investigation immediately. They will work tirelessly to limit your recovery to the lowest amount possible without regard to your need or suffering. Many insurance companies purposely stall the compensation process for as long as possible in hopes that you will lose interest or give up any hope of recovery. When liability is admitted, insurance companies rarely pay enough money to adequately compensate victims of auto accidents for their losses. Your attorney will seek to protect your rights through competent and aggressive legal representation. We are dedicated to pursuing the maximum recovery possible for each and every client.

Tractor Trailer Accident

Crippling accidents involving big trucks in the United States are remarkably common.  An American is injured or killed by one of these large vehicles every single minute in this country.  Handling the aftermath, however, takes uncommon knowledge and skill. That’s because there are unique liability issues and complex laws associated with these cases.

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At Wise Law we have the experience to understand it all, including familiarity with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).   We have already successfully litigated many trucking accidents.  The road can be a dangerous place, but at least you can have a companion and a protector on the road to justice.

Train Accident/FELA Cases

Traveling by rail is as alluring and steeped in American tradition as any transportation mode.  But like the real road, the railroad can present peril and danger.  Train accidents can have a devastating effect on your health.  Collisions at car crossings are unfortunately common.

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And even pedestrians who are not on the train are at risk since it has been reported that as much 80% of all railroad crossings do not have the proper warning devices.   Add to all of this conductor negligence and you have the possibility of catastrophic injury.  Located in one of the world’s great railroad centers, the lawyers of Wise Law are familiar with train scenarios and procedures.   So don’t let anyone run you out on a rail.  If you have been injured on a train or by a train, we can help.

Animal attacks

Somebody else’s cute and cuddly pet can be the snapping, snarling cause of your pain and suffering. If this has happened to you, let Wise Law be your legal bulldog.

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We know what it takes to master the circumstances, successfully make your case, and recover compensation for you from the pet’s owner. We conduct a thorough investigation to make key determinations such as: Who owns the animal, who owns the property it came from, whether that ‘pet’ has a vicious past, and whether those responsible for the animal have insurance. At Wise Law our legal strategies have real teeth. We’ll use the legal system to make them all heel, till you get what you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Healing yourself after a physician or other healthcare provider has harmed you through wrongful acts, omissions, breaches of duty, or malpractice due to negligence begins with strong legal assistance.

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You can make an errant practitioner pay for what they might have done to harm you, but you must prove their liability, i.e. that they had a duty to you, the patient, and that such duty was breached by failing to conform to the required standard of care. You need to show that negligent conduct caused you harm so that you can receive compensation for the damages you suffered.

Workers Compensation

Although we see many difficult situations for our clients, there is nothing worse than when a responsible breadwinner, working to provide for his or her family, is injured on the job. Instead of gratitude for their sacrifice they are often met with their employer’s formidable lawyers. These lawyers have a single purpose: To keep their client from paying for the work-related injury. Sometimes a coworker or manager will even advise you against filing a claim.

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Although we see many difficult situations for our clients, there is nothing worse than when a responsible breadwinner, working to provide for his or her family, is injured on the job.  Instead of gratitude for their sacrifice they are often met with their employer’s formidable lawyers. These lawyers have a single purpose:   To keep their client from paying  for the work-related injury.  Sometimes a coworker or manager will even advise you against filing a claim.

That’s why you need to get Wise and lessen your worries.

We’ll help you document your claim and file the necessary claims forms for you so that you may receive the payment of your benefits, such as lost wages, and medical, and rehabilitation expense reimbursements.   When it comes to representing your interests in these situations, no one is more Wise than our lawyers.  Our years of experience in these matters make an enormous difference in protecting your interests.

You may not realize this but almost all employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance.  That’s significant because it means you may be entitled to benefits that may include:

  • Lifetime medical benefits
  • Payments for time missed from work
  • Vocational rehabilitation counseling and possibly even re-training or additional education if necessary
  • Financial compensation for permanent problems related to your injury

Best of all, fees are governed by statute and must be approved by the Workers Compensation Commission.

Slip and Fall

Anyone who has ever fallen on a wet floor knows how unavoidable the accident can be, and how potentially devastating the injury.   Compounding all this can be the realization that it was unnecessarily caused by some property owner who allowed their floor to become slippery.

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The law is very clear:  Businesses are responsible for making reasonable efforts to keep their floors safe. In Maryland you must prove that the property owner was aware of the condition of the floor but did not adequately protect you from the dangerous condition. In other words, the legal process can be slippery, too.  It takes a skillful lawyer to help you collect what you may need to recover from their negligence.

At Wise Law we know how to methodically make and prove a case so that you get what the law provides for your pain, suffering and lost wages.  So if someone has made things slippery for you, we’ll help them get a grip on their responsibilities.



Sometimes being a head-down, hardworking breadwinner just doesn’t pay.  “Willie,” a client from Baltimore, was just such a man

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Willie worked for a huge electronics manufacturer and was so valued by his employer he was asked to fly to San Francisco to work on a major product line.  Unfortunately, while there, a drunk driver hit him in a head-on collision.  His leg was crushed and his days of hard physical work were over.  Making matters even worse, the driver only had $15,000 in coverage.

That’s when Mr. Wise sprung into action.

Mr. Wise immediately filed suit in California State Court, and recovered the full $15,000.  But he was far from finished.  Mr. Wise also:

  • Filed a Workers’ Compensation claim against Willie’s employer for the crushed leg
  • Litigated in Federal Court for over $500,000 in underinsured motorist benefits
  • Forced the employer to retrain Willie so that he could find a job suitable to his new situation

All of this hard work really paid off.  In a situation where nothing was initially offered to him, Willie collected more than $1 million in total benefits thanks to Mr. Wise’s hard-working efforts.  Willie’s leg may have been crushed but he walked away with his head held as high as ever.


“Reginald” held the kind of job that other men wish they had. The Baltimore native wore a uniform to work, collected a steady paycheck and benefits, and was held in esteem by everyone who knew him. He was a train conductor, and he was proud.

But one hard day it all came to a crashing halt.

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When the train company left a piece of its equipment on the tracks in Chester, Pennsylvania, Reginald’s trained derailed.  And he was injured in more ways than one.   In addition to damage to his knee and back, he was hurt psychologically, too.  He could no longer bring himself to get back on a train.

In a single day his long and successful career was over.

In a flash, Mr. Wise aggressively came to the table.  He immediately filed suit for injuries in Maryland.  When the railroad’s lawyers attempted to move the case to federal court, a more favorable venue for the company, Mr. Wise quickly blocked them.

With the leverage of these victories Reginald settled the case on his own terms.

Fortunately for Reginald he had Kevin Wise on his team and when you’re with Wise you don’t get railroaded.


There’s nothing like the freedom of the motorcycle. It’s you and a rumbling engine and wind and sky and open road. Or so it seems.

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In fact, motorcyclists share the road with heavier vehicles guided by distracted drivers and zoom down a dangerous network of highways.  They have great freedom but very little protection.

And somewhere looming behind it all is a nervous mother.

One of them, “Janet,” came to Wise Law for help after her son was killed when a car collided with his motorcycle.

Though the driver of the car was at fault, his insurance company did not want to take financial responsibility.  With their deep pockets they provided formidable defenses hoping to avoid liability and damages.

They didn’t count on dealing with a Wise lawyer.

Wise Law Attorney Kevin Wise effectively used depositions to strengthen key arguments.  He also quickly retained the services of an expert on pre-impact fright to win his case.


When “Travon” left for work one Wednesday it all seemed so ordinary. He was going to do what he always did: Make home improvements for a big box retailer.

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Unfortunately the day ended up as anything but typical.

While installing equipment at the home Travon slipped and fell.  But he didn’t trip over his own two feet.  The homeowner had loose carpeting on the steps.

Far from a minor injury, Travon suffered a complex fracture in his leg.  All of a sudden this reliable working man now had to worry about his career and paycheck His ability to provide for his family going forward, something that had never been in question, was now compromised.

Then he called Wise Law.

Immediately Travon’s Wise lawyer filed a workers’ compensation claim on his behalf.  With strong, effective council he was able to recover more than $300,000 in the case.

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